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About VCARE - Mission
  VCARE believes that it can be instrumental in preventing cruelty to animals. Our dream is to provide a secure and dignified life to strays such as dogs, goats, cows, cats, buffaloes, monkeys, donkey, pigs, vultures, kites and other birds. We are working towards providing a facility to treat them when they are ill or injured, protect them till they recover and are able to fend for themselves, attempt to re-home them, and alleviate their distress. We try to achieve this through a multi-level approach, which consists of various activities including the following:

Providing medical assistance to injured and distressed animals especially strays
Education and awareness programs in schools, clubs and housing societies
Sterilization and inoculation against rabies for dogs: (stray & pets)
Providing an animal ambulance service
Counseling pet owners
Vaccination camps for cattle and other animals
We are in the process of setting up an animal shelter and a fully equipped hospital. This will enable us to provide effective medical care to animals and give support and assistance to their owners